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Excited about TreeCard – wondering how it works and how to get involved? We’ve got you covered 👇


So what is TreeCard?

TreeCard will be the first wooden top-up debit card which plants trees with your everyday payments. We are powered by Ecosia, the search engine that’s planted over 110 million trees 🌍 worldwide, who is our sole tree planting partner. We currently have an open waiting list to register interest. TreeCard is not regulated by the FCA, FDIC, or any financial body. We will update you here with any updates on our regulatory status. 


We are an impact first business. 80% of all profits will go towards responsible reforestation projects. 


When we send out cards next year, you will have access to all your typical mobile banking features like in-app analytics to monitor your spending, the ability to freeze ❄️ your card to protect against fraud, and instant payment notifications.


You will also be able to monitor your in-app forest landscape, which grows with the trees you help plant. Your tree counter can be just for you, or you can publish your monthly impact and compete with others. 


You will have all these features at your fingertips for free 😱 no fees! 😎


Is TreeCard available in my country?

We are aiming to arrive in a range of different regions in 2021 – exact time frames are decided by how much interest we get in each region.


When we do arrive, we’ll be working with local banking partners in each area to offer you TreeCard accounts in your local currency.


We’ll be posting our plans for each country soon; make sure to sign up to our waiting list to receive early access when we arrive in your country!


So how does TreeCard make money?

TreeCard will make money from ‘interchange’.


Every time you use your TreeCard, we will receive a small fee from merchants (online/in-store). So it’s free for you to use 🎉


80% of profits will be used to fund Ecosia’s tree-planting projects; the remaining 20% will be used to grow TreeCard as fast as possible to tackle climate change as fast as possible.


What’s TreeCard’s mission?

We need to make climate action part of our daily lives. Climate change is not being solved fast enough and people can only donate so much.


So together with Ecosia, TreeCard will build an entire ecosystem of responsible alternatives to everyday services like banking and internet search to put profits towards solving the world’s biggest problem: climate change. 


Our reforestation goal is to plant 1 billion trees by 2026. Planting this many trees will not only capture and store a huge amount of carbon but will also help to prevent devastating wildfires, protect endangered species, and restart water cycles.


Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, 2013 to 2017. Ecosia has planted over 110 million trees around the world.


On our journey to planting billions of trees, we also want to spread more awareness of the many changes we can and must make to prevent global devastation.


How does TreeCard plant trees?

Simple, TreeCard is powered by Ecosia, they plant 100% of our trees.


Ecosia has planted over 110 million trees – consisting of over 500+ native species – across 25 countries, focusing on biodiversity hotspots.


They use many different tree-planting techniques depending on the area, from Burkina Faso where they dig half-moon-shaped seedbeds to Brazil where they’re paying firefighters to keep human-made fires at bay.


Ecosia also monitors its trees assiduously for at least three years, using satellite tech, an app used by farmers, geotagged photo evidence, and – perhaps most importantly – field visits.


One of Ecosia’s tree nurseries – Indonesia.

Learn more about
Ecosia’s tree planting methods here.


Why does TreeCard want to plant trees?

There are three main reasons why we want to plant trees.


  • 1. Protect the planet’s lungs

Trees are not only the most cost-effective carbon capturers we have on the planet; they also help to restart water cycles and restore drylands preventing the spread of deserts. 🌳💪


  • 2. Restore animal habitats

By restoring dryland, trees are the protectors of biodiversity, creating and conserving habitats for endangered animal species. 


  • 3. Help communities thrive

We will grow fresh produce in agroforestry systems providing food and income for those who need it most.


So how many trees could TreeCard hope to plant?


Well, if we were the size of J.P. Morgan Chase we would generate enough profit to plant over 4 billion trees every year 🙃


Are TreeCard’s eco-friendly?



Each debit card is from sustainably sourced cherry wood and the core is made from ♻️ plastic bottles.


Your card will be unique, no wood grain is the same.


Great, how do I sign up?

To register interest in TreeCard sign up with your email on our website.


We aim to start sending cards in a number of regions (to be confirmed) by the end of 2021 so make sure you’re signed up to our waiting list to receive a card as soon as possible. 



At TreeCard we’re as hopeful as we are concerned. The planet is heading towards a disaster.


Billions are suffering. Billions more will suffer.


We must act together and we must act now if we are to truly prevent a climate crisis. Join the TreeCard family now and together we will plant the change we so desperately need.


Drop us a message by email or chat with us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, we’d really love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have 😊💚

TreeCard Team

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