TreeCard’s Wooden Debit Card – 6 Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

TreeCard Wooden Debit Card Background

Over the last week we’ve received a lot of great questions about our wooden debit card – so today we’ve made a list of FAQs and answered them all below.



Last Thursday TreeCard and Ecosia launched a waiting list to register interest in our wooden debit card and we’ve been blown away by your support – over 10,000 sign ups in just 2 hours 🤯💚


The team is incredibly excited, as we hope you are too. We’re working hard to make TreeCard available to everyone who wants one as soon as possible.


We’ve received a lot of great questions about our wooden debit card – so today we’ve made a list of FAQs and answered them all below.


Are TreeCard’s eco-friendly?

TreeCard’s wooden debit cards are made from sustainably sourced cherry wood; the core is made from ♻️ plastic bottles.


Each TreeCard has a unique wood grain which means your personal TreeCard will be completely one of a kind. 😲


We can produce over 300,000 debit cards from the wood of a single tree. This means we’ll only need to use a few sustainably sourced trees for our cards which, in turn, will help plant millions (hopefully billions) more!


TreeCard's Wooden Debit Card with Plant Background


Will it survive the rain, the wind, and running over it with my car?!

Yes, someone really did ask whether our wooden cards would survive being run over by a car 👀


We’re not sure that’s the best test of our wooden debit card’s durability; nevertheless, our TreeCards have been through the wars to make sure they’re ready for use.


We are very confident that our wooden debit cards will be ready to withstand your day to day use!


What is the “interchange fee” and will stores be happy to accept TreeCard?

TreeCard will make money from interchange – a small fee paid by stores to accept card payments.


Interchange is a standard fee paid by all stores that accept payment cards. So don’t worry, if your shop accepts card payments they’ll accept TreeCard 🙌


Are your wooden debit cards contactless/does it work with Apple Pay?

Yes, all TreeCard’s wooden debit cards will be contactless! They’ll also work with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Can I just use a digital card without the wooden card?


💯 we encourage you to!


If you mainly use your smartphone to make payments and would prefer to only have a virtual debit card you can further reduce your environmental impact 😍


Make sure you still register interest through our waiting list – we’ll get in touch to give you this option before sending your card.


TreeCard Wooden Debit Card - Apple Pay


How will my wooden debit card connect to the TreeCard app?

You’ll be able to easily link your main bank account to our app and start paying. You don’t need to switch banks, TreeCard can be used alongside your regular bank. Please note TreeCard is currently only registering interest through their waiting list. TreeCard is not regulated by the FCA, FDIC or any financial body. We will update you here with any updates on our regulatory status.


What else will I be able to do with the TreeCard app?


Our app will enable you to track your spending, easily split bills, and monitor how many trees 🌳 you’ve planted with your payments.


When you spend you’ll receive instant payment notifications through the TreeCard app. If your card is lost or stolen you’ll be able to immediately freeze ❄️ your card and prevent fraudulent transactions.


We’re in the process of partnering with regulated banking partners – we’ll be announcing our partners soon – follow us to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Great – how do I get one?

Register interest through our waiting list before December 1st and we’ll send you a wooden debit card for free when they’re ready – we’ll plant 3 trees to celebrate your order 💚


Make sure you sign up regardless of where you live so that you get early access to our wooden cards when we arrive in your country!

TreeCard Team

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